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    • Chippendale Creative Precinct

      Since its establishment in 2010, the Chippendale Creative Precinct (CCP), now rebranded to Destination Chippendale, has transformed from a newly emerged, innovative undertaking to a nuanced network of over 20 galleries, charming cafes and renowned restaurants, as well as avant-garde businesses and individuals.

      The CCP has successfully molded the area into an arts, food, and lifestyle destination that excites even the most cultivated palate and the seasoned gallery-goer.

      In the midst of it all stands Central Park, an urban global village where city meets nature. Visitors can eat, shop and play at the Living Mall or stroll through the Chippendale Green, a creative playground for all to enjoy.

      Beneath Central Park’s vertical garden walls, the celebrated Kensington Street serves as a focal point of ingenuity, boasting exquisite eateries ranging from casual hawker-style dining to polished culinary marvels, and from quirky boutiques to sophisticated cosmetic clinics.

      Additionally, visitors are invited on various cultural odysseys such as time- travelling strolls through Chippendale’s past on our monthly Explore Chippendale Historical Walking Tours, and ventures through global cuisines on our regular Food Safari culinary extravaganzas.

      To continue nourishing and provoking artistic expansion, the CCP is brazen and bolstered by initiatives such as the BEAMS Arts Festival, the Chippendale New World Art Prize, the free monthly Explore Chippendale Gallery Walking Tours, Chinese New Year celebrations and the annual Christmas Bazaar.

      Thanks to steadfast support, the CCP is delighted to continue on our forward-thinking path of igniting inspiration in Sydney’s downtown, Destination Chippendale, the creative heart of Sydney.


      President Nicky Ginsberg
      President of the Chippendale Creative Precinct and Creative Director, Kensington Street

      Vice President Ian Garland
      Managing Director, Milton Data Pty Ltd

      Treasurer Tim Sligo

      Board Directors:

      Dr Stanley Quek
      Chairman of Greencliff, Former Chairman of Frasers Property Australia Pty Ltd.

      Merryn Bourne
      CEO & Head of Creative, Fish Tank Creative