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      Chippendale truly is the creative centre of Sydney and I am so fortunate to be a part of the culmination of all this talent across nine laneways on one night in September. Working directly with the artists, food vendors and sponsors, BEAMS is shaping up to be better than ever!


      To be a part of such a dedicated community based festival is truly amazing and an honour! What other festival invites people from all walks of life, from all over Australia and beyond to join in on what is undoubtedly the biggest and brightest block party of the year?! BEAMS provides a platform for artists and performers to not only showcase their talents, but also start a much needed dialogue about the importance and intersection of art, culture and everyday life. It is therefore much more than a one night party, and rather an experience that will last with you until next year! And this year’s installation of Spirit is definitely not one to be missed.


      Working for BEAMS Festival 2016 has been the most amazing step in to the Arts industry. From day one you are thrown into this amazing company and trusted with substantial responsibilities forcing you (in the best way) to learn such a huge variety of skills from curating to administration work to face to face contact with artists. Each day I worked I felt like I was really achieving and what I was doing was truly valuable to the company. I could not be more grateful for the opportunity that BEAMS Festival gave me and the drive it has given me.


      The BEAMS Arts Festival 2016 has grown exponentially since last year. This year’s theme, Spirit, will see Chippendale re-imagined by the visions of over 500 local and international creatives. Interactive art and video installations, live music, dance and performance; it is this trend toward a more accessible, inclusive and participatory art which sees thousands descend upon the area year after year. Personally, I’ve been working with the team and a number of creatives to guarantee that this year is something special. These pieces will engage you, they’ll make you think and feel; there will be pieces on display that you mightn’t find anywhere else. BEAMS Arts Festival 2016 is set to be our most exciting, extravagant and memorable display yet, promoting the diversity of Sydney’s new creative heart whilst staying true to the heritage and spirit of the Chippendale area. Come and walk down the transformed streets and laneways to discover new experiences unlike those of the last and stay for the rest that the night has to offer.


      I am so excited to be back for another BEAMS festival. Last year I had a lighting installation in the festival and it was such an incredible night and experience I just had to come back! The festival is a fantastic opportunity for local up and coming creatives to showcase their variety of talents whether that be light and art installations, video projections, performance or creating amazing food stalls for us all to enjoy. This year I’m part of the creative team for Chippendale Creative Precinct. I couldn’t be happier and prouder to get more involved with this incredible festival and work with such a strong team to make this festival come alive! Definitely don’t miss this magical night!


      I am very excited and so proud to be a part of such an exciting and vibrant event that is BEAMS Art Festival. Chippendale is truly thriving as one of Sydney’s creative destinations and this event is really a testament of the immense amount of creative energy in this area. The diverse art practices that are included in this year’s festival will no doubt make it an extraordinary night that engages with the spirit of the community and is definitely not a night to be missed!

      LISA XIA

      There are so many moments in one’s life where they feel truly connected to a community. It’s been an absolute privilege to be involved in such a passionate scene, to be part of a team that’s working together to showcase the art of Chippendale, the art of Sydney and to support local artists. BEAMS Festival is a myriad of art, from light and sound installations to film, to music and dance performances. Too many of us focus on how to live a secure life, but from time to time we must be reminded why we live life for, and BEAMS aims to provide an experience of transcendence, joy and wonder to all of Sydney and its creatives.


      I am so proud to be a part of such a fantastic event this year. The BEAMS Arts Festival really is a celebration of what Chippendale stands for: the new, the reimagined, the innovative and the exciting. The art we’re including in the festival are works that truly engage its community, allowing the visitors to become a part of the night, to walk into the creativity of others, to be inspired, but most of all, to enjoy what Sydney’s artistic community has to offer.


      I’m so excited to be working on and bringing together this year’s BEAMS festival. Working collaboratively with such a great team to showcase the amazing work of creatives around Sydney is truly inspiring. Particularly with this year’s inclusion of the cinema screen on the Chippendale Green, as well as the compilation of a media showreel to be screened in multiple locations around Chippendale, I feel that BEAMS has grown to even better represent the Spirit of this year’s festival. Having worked personally on managing these two projects I’m eager to see the works of so many talented Australian filmmakers be given a platform in such a lively and momentous arts festival! BEAMS is coming to be even greater, more vivid and more innovative than ever!


      BEAMS Arts festival is going to knock your socks off this year! The creative talent that lives right here in Sydney is extraordinary and I can’t wait see the city come and share in the excitement. The festival’s theme this year is SPIRT and from what I’ve seen so far there will be magical experiences around every corner. Working on the BEAMS Arts Festival has been a whirlwind experience but I’ve loved every second!


      Being a part of this festival is probably one of the best decisions I made this year. It’s very hectic, busy and tiring but I could not have had this priceless experience that I gained as I was working with this amazing team. BEAMS art festival is not just another event. It is THE event that celebrates art, music, dance and food! Come and see this magical night full of lights spreading joy and laughter all over Chippendale.


      I am so honoured to be part of the BEAMS Arts Festival 2016. I can’t help but feel that this it is an event that is shaping the identity of Chippendale and shining the light for Sydney’s cultural future. BEAMS is built on the passion of all those involved and I know that this will be evident at this years event. I can’t wait!


      The ‘spirit’ of the 2016 BEAMS Arts Festival lies in the fusion of creative minds, bodies and souls. For one night only, joy and laughter will be brought to many as they wander through the streets of Chippendale, filled with interactive light installations, dance performances, live musicians, culinary delights and graffiti walls. I feel very blessed to be a part of a festival that encourages talented individuals to express their creativity and personality. It is a night not to be missed and will definitely be a feast for the eyes!