Looking back at the BEAMS Arts Festival 2013


The BEAMS Arts Festival last Saturday was a whirlwind of colour, light and sound. 8 urban backstreets were transformed into an alfresco exhibition space. The air was filled with vibrancy and euphoria as the laneways of Chippendale sprung to life for one night. Hosted by the Chippendale Creative Precinct, the festival showcased the artist talent of Chippendale and the wider Sydney community. The Chippendale Creative Precinct is a not-for-profit organisation that promotes Chippendale as a cultural hub and Sydney’s premier arts destination, akin to Chelsea of New York.

David Roche of Dig It Photography

The boutique arts festival offered a unique blend of art, performance and music. Attendees were treated with a spectacular array of site specific art, installations, sculptures, interactive media, video, animation, dance, performance, DJs and live music. Programmed by sound guru Funkdafied, this year’s festival saw a greater profusion of musical artists and genres, including soul, funk, hip hop, jazz and indie rock. Eight piece band, The Rhythm Hunters were a highlight of the night that captivated the audience on Dick street and had them begging for more.

Photo courtesy of David Roche of Dig It Photography

In its second incarnation, BEAMS has attracted significant media attention. BEAMS received Australia wide television coverage as it was featured on Channel 10’s, The Project. Noteworthy print media articles include: The Daily Telegraph, Sydney Morning Herald, Spectrum and Time Out Sydney. This year, BEAMS attracted a crowd of around 10,000 people which is a testament to the growing interest in the festival. BEAMS is a family-friendly festival that has something for everyone. Lantern making, dove paper cutting, painting and sculptural workshops enabled attendees to tap into their inner creative genius. Lightwell’s interactive work ‘Brain Battle’ invited participants to compete in a struggle to increase their projected brain size by directing their brain waves. This playful work encouraged the audience to participate, not just spectate. A futuristic glow-in-the-dark photo booth designed by Momento Pro was another highlight that saw festival-goers dress up in fluorescent props and have their photo taken.

David Roche of Dig It Photography


Roving performers from the Actors College of Theatre and Television (ACTT) wandered the streets and interacted with the audience, further enhancing the jovial ambiance of the festival. The Dancekool performers enticed large crowds all through the night, mesmerising the audience with a galactic breakdancing showdown. Delicious food from some of Sydney’s best eateries and gourmet food trucks was available and guests were invited to dine at a communal outdoor table. The long table on Little Queen Street was draped in white tablecloths and adorned with over 500 colourful, hand painted candle holders. These beautiful objects were crafted by the skilled artists of Studio ARTES, a not for profit organisation that supports artists with disabilities

David Roche of Dig It Photography

The BEAMS Arts Festival was sensory feast that enabled participants to immerse themselves in a kaleidoscopic playground. BEAMS would like to extend a huge thank you to all our generous sponsors, particularly Frasers Property and Sekisui House who supported the BEAMS Arts Festival and made the magnificent program possible.

Studio ARTISANS bring candlelight romance to the back streets of Chippendale!


The ‘Laneway Lights’ project invites guests of the BEAMS Arts festival to dine in the sparkly twilight of coloured glass sculptures.

The talented artists of Studio ARTES will craft over 500 handmade ornaments that will deck out the main table and act as an enchanting centrepiece for the social area of the festival. These adorning candle holders will illuminate the laneway table and enrich the ambiance of the festival. Together these decorative objects will pose as an intriguing site specific artwork.This project would not be possible without the financial support of our sponsors, Frasers Property and Sekisui House. 

The Studio ARTISANS team pride themselves on their ability to bring atmosphere and mood to any event through the provision of custom made art objects. Studio ARTISANS professional service includes the design, creation and installation of sculptures and set pieces.

Studio ARTISANS is a division of the Studio ARTES program that caters specifically to adults with disabilities who have a vocational interest in the arts, regardless of their funding status. In an environment of safety, encouragement and respect, these adults are given the chance to realise their potential. Recreational and vocational art-based programs are currently offered to over 120 adults living with a disability.

Studio ARTES is an independent, not for profit organisation aimed at people with an established arts practice and a developed portfolio of work, as well as those who possess the drive and passion to pursue art professionally. Their reputation for excellence in programming is highlighted by recognition from ARTS NSW as a key cultural producer. Studio ARTES record of achievement includes both national and international exhibitions in major art colleges, universities and commercial galleries.



Say hi to Chippendale’s treasure trove of production houses who will tempt your visual senses with their sizzle reels on BEAMS night! From small emerging companies to more established entities, they are all involved in making a significant contribution to Australia’s media content across all media platforms.  BEAMS are happy to be showcasing samplers of the creative brilliance that emerges from behind their unassuming doors.

In their own words:

Versus Media – “is new school – specializing in branded video for both broadcast and online.”

Invisible Artists – “a Creative Content Agency providing strategy, creative, and sharing for broadcast and online video content.”

Cordell Jigsaw Zapruder – “now Australia’s largest independently owned producer specialising in original content across all genres.”

Cutting Edge – “Creatively led, technically bred” – a creative film, television, broadcast and digital content provider.

“Studio Nuvu’s unique passion for communication through video, film, animation & graphics has attracted some of the biggest companies and brightest minds across the globe!”

Supernaut is “a design and animation studio — crafting brands, stories, campaigns, commercials, games and music videos — on screens the size of your hand to the size of your city.”

Hackett Films “specializes in storytelling and innovation – in all forms of animation and motion graphics including live action across a variety of media and platforms.”












DANCEKOOL will once again be performing at the BEAMS Arts Festival and is one show you won’t want to miss! Founded in 2002, Dancekool is the only studio which is focused around hip hop dance and the studio boasts of instructors from all over the world.  Dancekool are gathering up their best performers who are getting ready to bring out their demeanour and unique flow in a breakdancing battle.

Dancekool have interpreted this year’s themes of ‘Revitalisation’ and ‘New World Cities’ via a concept that amalgamates the visual arts and the performance arts. What better way to predict the future is to create it!

This will be a battle of the futuristic music worlds. All the performers will compete to keep their style alive or showcase the new skills they wish to represent to dominate the future. It is up to each newly formed city and its clans to battle it out to maintain their musical culture.

Music not only requires talent and enthusiasm from its disciples, composers and performers alike, but also knowledge and perception which are the result of protracted study and reflection. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. The dancers encompass characteristics of warriors each emerging from various futuristic cities. Each city will be represented by its dancers who will dress and accessorise themselves with the intention of representing their dance styles. Garments, colours, jewellery, tribal/political body markings and patterns will be worn to distinguish the dancers from their different cities.

Some will endeavour to bring back the prominence of the old skool styles, while others will attempt to battle with the forces of the new skool. This dance battle will be a celebration of futuristic music and street culture with a highly theatrical flair. One thing is for certain- it will be a galactic showdown like never seen before, we just hope the audience will be ready for it!

BEAMS Press Release


August 14, 2013


BEAMS Arts Festival to Light Up Chippendale


Quirky creatives unite for a free block party celebrating Sydney’s art and design talent


Beatboxers, dancers, DJs, sculptors, photographers and designers will be among more than 350 creatives transforming the laneways of inner-city Chippendale with light, sound and colour at this year’s BEAMS Arts Festival on September 21.


Following on from its inauguration in 2012, the free-entry alfresco festival will see an exciting range of established and up-and-coming Sydney creatives showcasing their talents throughout Chippendale’s Balfour Street and five surrounding laneways.


Designed for all ages, BEAMS will feature video and light projections along laneway walls, interactive workshops, incredible installations, performance art and a line-up of live music acts curated by Sydney sound guru Funkdafied.


One of the laneways will host a long communal dining table, where festivalgoers can enjoy gourmet food and drinks from Sydney Food Trucks, including Cantina Mobil, Agape Organic Food Truck, Tsuru and Bite Size Delights.  Local eateries including Missions Restaurant and Zigi’s Wine & Cheese Bar will also have a range of delicious options available during the event.


Other highlights will include an illuminated canopy of colourful umbrellas, breakdancing battles, drumming workshops, artworks from local galleries including White Rabbit, NG Art and MCLEMOI, live graffiti, floating LED displays and a futuristic glow-in-the-dark photo booth, to name but a few.


Creatives selected to participate range from arts and design students to well-established artists who have exhibited internationally, with all works created to the theme of Revitalisation & New World Cities.


The curatorial committee for the festival comprises Professor Lawrence Wallen, head of design at UTS, Damien Gascoigne, associate professor of design animation at UTS, Owen Craven, editor of Artist Profile, and Nicky Ginsberg, festival director, president of Chippendale Creative Precinct and owner of NG Art Gallery.


“The standard of interest and works submitted for this year’s BEAMS Arts Festival was incredibly high –testament to the enormous number of talented and passionate creatives in and around Sydney,” said Nicky.


“This festival is all about celebrating Sydney’s creative arts scene, while supporting local Chippendale creative minds and businesses, making art accessible to everyone.  We can’t wait to share the standout pieces and performances at the event with our local community and beyond.”


BEAMS Arts Festival is organised by Chippendale Creative Precinct, a not-for-profit organisation promoting the local area as a vibrant creative hub and arts destination, and supporting the broader Sydney arts community.


The festival is part of the Art & About Sydney 2013 program and is supported by the City Of Sydney, Frasers Property and Sekisui House, and Production Technologies, among others.


For more information on BEAMS Arts Festival, visit www.beamsfestival.com.au or call 02 9318 2992. 




Event:                     BEAMS Arts Festival 2013

Date:                      September 21, 5:00pm-10:00pm

Price:                     Free

Location:               Balfour Street, and surrounding laneways, Chippendale NSW 2007

More info:             www.beamsfestival.com.au


Patricia Casey


Sydney, 2nd August 2013



Award winning NG Art Gallery artist Patricia CASEY’s work, dealing mainly with the themes of memory, dreams and imagination, has been on display throughout Australia and internationally. Patricia’s innovative skill of combining her photographic montages with mixed media, craft and installation techniques make her a unique Sydney based artist!


Always looking for a bit of fun, Patricia had the excellent idea to create a “Yarn-Bombing” project exclusively for the BEAMS Arts Festival 2012 – bringing together groups and individuals from all over Sydney (students, local artists and grandmothers alike!). As part of street art and graffiti culture, the Casey used colourful displays of knitted or crocheted material to wrap objects in public spaces instead of usual spray cans, chalks or paste-ups. Have a look at the original art pieces from BEAMS 2012 at: http://patriciacasey.com.au/category/beams-festival-chippendale/!


With an incredible influx of positive feedback from her Yarn-Bombing last year, Patricia is excited to return for the 2013 BEAMS Arts Festival with an individual and personal photography project “Breathe”.  This series, four watery landscapes suspended from existing structures within the streets, forms a meditation on inner quiet. The light that filters through the layers of fabric will enhance it with a gentle interplay between the photographic, embroidered elements and the urban landscape. As the artist says it is time for “dropping out of life” and to enjoy our wonderful natural word! Do not miss this incredible element of the upcoming BEAMS Arts Festival on Saturday 21st September 2013!






PS: It is time for me to go back to France. I would like to thank you all the BEAMS team for its support and especially Festival Director Nicky Ginsberg for this amazing experience and her precious advice. It was a great professional experience and I will continue to follow you from France until the D-day! Do not forget to upload many pictures! 

“Hornsby Girls HS’s Light installations”


Sydney, 24th July 2013

The BEAMS Arts Festival is a groundbreaking event hosted by the Chippendale Creative Precinct that celebrates creativity, collaboration and community. The academics and students of Hornsby Girls’ High School have been invited to work in collaboration to create majestic artworks for the BEAMS festival. The most talented Year 9 Visual Design students will exhibit their original light installations (“Luminous”, “Not Quite Still Life”, “Night Shade” and “Transformation”) that will illuminate the streets of Chippendale for one bright night.

These environmental installations will demonstrate the struggle between the natural and man-made worlds to coexist together in harmony. Inspired by Jean Shin’s work, “Medical Balance”, “Luminous” is an imaginative light installation which combines plastic bottles and water. These bottles will dangle in the trees or perch on the ground and will indulge viewers with an enchanting spectacle of light and colour. Not Quite Still Life” is an assortment of clear bottles inside a set of Perspex frames, filled with coloured liquids and enhanced by LED lights. Chains of fruit shapes made from waste materials strung on fishing line will rotate slightly and catch the light shining through the bottles. This playful interpretation of traditional still-life art exemplifies the beauty that can be created using recycled materials. Influenced by Ivotaveres Studio, “Night Shade” is a work that will feature recycled, multi-coloured umbrellas suspended upside down in the aerial space between buildings. The dazzling lights on the underside of the umbrellas will emphasise the exquisiteness of nature, such as the night sky. “Transformation” is another night installation which reconceptualises the traditional Japanese art of origami through the use of various recycled materials. Made from reused plastic, the origami forms will be lit with LED lights and expel a kaleidoscope of colour.

Don’t miss these whimsical and wonderful light installations on Saturday 21st September from 5-10 pm at the BEAMS Arts Festival!


“The Tree Veneration Society”


Sydney, 14th July 2013

For centuries, a ritual has occurred in Hindu, Buddhist and Jain societies: the worship of trees. Following her numerous trips in India, Louise FOWLER-SMITH – Director of Imaging the Land International Research Initiative (ILIRI) – decided in 2011 to fund The Tree Veneration Society to raise awareness for our most important asset – the environment. These unique decorations on trees are returning for the BEAMS Arts Festival 2013 with two original projects from Jane GREEN and Miho WATANABE.

As new technologies and urban development begin to overtake, artist Jane Green encourages people to reconnect with their natural environment when reimagining a “new world city”. Green explains that it is natural to make mistakes (“to ERR”) but it is unforgivable to make mistakes with nature. Her outstanding artwork “To ven-ERR-ate is human” will make Sydney’s trees visibly special and beautiful by adorning them with repurposed green bags. During BEAMS Arts Festival, festival goers will have the opportunity to take home a badge affixed with a web address which will provide more information on the veneration of trees. Don’t forget to grab one and you may choose your own “sacred” tree!

As an elaboration on her from the 2012 BEAMS Arts Festival, Miho Watanabe proposes a “Missing Pet Bottle Project” for this year’s festival. Photographs of missing pets taken last year will be placed in a plastic bottle hung from trees to remind us of the funny and incredible moments we’ve had with our pets. To make the Petbottle experience unforgettable and personal, don’t forget to upload your “missing pet bottle” to The Tree Veneration Society Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/TreeVenerationSociety?fref=ts)!

Come along on Saturday 21st September 2013 to discover and interact with these environmental art installations that will enliven the Chippendale precinct!






“Team Tap App 2013″


Sydney, 6th July 2013

Tap your way around this year’s BEAMS Arts Festival by downloading the Team Tap app! In 2012, it was a roaring success and so this year the updated Team Tap App is returning on the 21st of September for the 2013 BEAMS Arts Festival with a great cause – to raise money for the charity, Vibe.

Available on both IOS and Android phones, Team Tap is a revolutionary fan engagement app that can be played at any festival or event in the world. By actively participating in this exciting interactive app while you are soaking up the culture, music and art of this year’s BEAMS Arts Festival, you will raise money for the charity.

It’s simple! Download the TEAM Tap app to your smartphone before or during this year’s BEAMS Arts Festival using the QR code found on posters, team tee shirts and tattoos of the volunteers. The aim is to find as many other players as you can during the 5-hour festival. To increase involvement, a game function has been created where players will only be able to tap 20 times with one another before having a new player to interact with. The more people you find, and the more taps you make, the more money raised for charity!

What are the benefits of Team Tap app?

- Social engagement: every tap players make with another person will make a donation to Vibe

- Innovation: Team Tap app celebrates new digital technologies and new ways of communication as part of BEAMS’ “Revitalisation & New World Cities” theme

- Broadcast and User-Generated Content: players will be able to share their experience and results on social media (Facebook & Twitter)

- Socialisation: a new concept designed to push boundaries for interactive social games

Have a look at Team Tap App video at the BEAMS Arts Festival 2012  (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0UEuqJJ1I8). Get ready to interact with as many other festival goers as you can find on Saturday 21st September!