Art & Light Installations

  • Andrew May


    As a collaboration we are interested in the notion of family, and the ways they are bound for good and ill. The soft sculpture 'Heir' plays with the spiritual notions of inheritance. Not only do we....

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  • Beric Henderson


    Artist Beric Henderson investigates the concept of “Spirit” this year with his light box display entitled The Eternal Garden. Henderson employs paintings, works on paper and light-based art to explore the nature of human existence and....

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  • Bernadette Smith

    NEWWaters+of+LifeBernadette Smith is a contemporary photo media artist imaging impacts of the Anthropocene on water ecology and social precariacy. Her post graduate research student at Sydney College of the Arts explores street art interventions for sustainability. Using....

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  • Beth Radford

    Image 2 This work is a complex and moving version of my work in the CNWAP exhibition. The attached gif is only a small fragment of the work which contains hundreds of different colour sequences. These shifting colours and their resulting patterns....

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  • Daniel French-wollen


    I find the idea of putting say a tropical palm in the corner of a sterile office a mundane yet fascinating juxtaposition. The often muddled connection to nature and how we navigate around it weather its....

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  • David Brophy


    David Brophy is an Australian artist whose practice stems from investigations into phenomenological, ethnographic and spiritual aspects of the surfing experience. Born out of a surf trip to Indonesia in 2014, high line references the artist’s....

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  • Elizabeth Gervay - Boobie-trap

    2013++CS+and+Intra+at+SU+016 I have always been an artist but a career in art was not the way for a child born of post-war European parents. Whether teaching, curating art exhibitions, establishing an Arts Hotel - my world was a canvas. My canvases, whether....

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  • Elizabeth Gervay - Tree Veneration Society

    Image 3 The aim of the Tree Veneration Society is to honour all cultures in our multi-cultural society, at the same time as drawing attention to the importance of the natural environment". Louise Fowler-Smith The Tree Veneration Society is a non for....

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  • Georgia Wilson

    NWCopy-of-1_ChairGeorgia Wilson’s Beautifully Neglected showcases an autobiographic and sensory exposé of treasured spaces. With reference to her childhood spirit, Wilson encapsulates her aesthetic built through days exploring the landscape and experiencing the environment’s biological lifecycle. Moments of....

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  • Helen Ting

    Ting_3curtain_2016_low res Helen creates contemporary textile art works. This work has been handwoven and hand dyed. Abundance refers to Chinese concepts of prosperity and good fortune. Gold usually symbolises money but this work emphasises spiritual wealth as gold fades from each....

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  • Hyun Hee Lee


    I am a practicing artist, born in Korea and now living in Australia. I have a MFA from UNSW and am represented by Artereal Gallery. As I am part of the Asian diaspora I....

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  • Jacqueline Molina

    2. J Molina....

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  • Jennie Feyen

    NEWReawakenReawaken is a projection art piece about a woman who is revived by the spirit of another woman. It is a simple video that focuses on the way in which the spirit of someone or something can....

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  • Joel Cunningham


    Joel Cunningham is most known for his sculptural work and site specific installations, he exhibits his work throughout Australia and internationally. Harmonic Hallucinations 2 is a celebration of creative expression and the instruments that artists and....

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  • Kang Hong Chen

    NEWparticle_skull_1 My name is Kang Hong Chen, I’m an illustrator and painter currently working across both digital and classical mediums. My work is usually figurative, focusing on humans and animals in contrasting states of being.


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  • Linda Sok

    14075022_10210316063717899_1550313562_o The work will look somewhat like thick streamers made of wax paper. LED lights line the “streamers” and provide a soft yet magnificent glow, reminiscent of the Aurora Australis. LED lights flicker and change to the voices and presence of nearby....

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  • Lux Eterna

    Processed with VSCO with lv03 preset Lux is a multidisciplinary artist, commercial photographer and arts educator living, working and exhibiting in Sydney. Maintaining regular dance and Bodyweather practices, which somatically imprint the natural world and its elements into her body, this becoming....

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  • Meghan Rheyholds

    NEW-MEGHAN-RHEYHOLDS13734890_1167600359968591_649080773429643945_o Vital Spark This is a work about the flow of technology and the constant transmission of the digital. The spirit is in the electricity, the juice, the vibration, the vitality of the present. The installation evokes a digital display generating a....

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  • Miho Watanabe- Tree Veneration Society

    _DSC1293 Miho Watanabe has been working as a professional commercial/editorial photographer, which led her to create her artworks using photography and lighting. Creating artworks for Miho is creating “Awareness of Between-ness”, which is the doorway to the concealed realm. She....

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  • Olsen Fletcher Fabrication


    Olsen Fletcher Fabrications is a three-part collaboration with a Carpenter, and Architectural Designer and an Interior Designer.  At present we are interested temporary spaces as a channel to draw in social interaction and a....

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  • Ryszard Dabek & John Encarnacao


    Ryszard Dabek and John Encarnacao work at the intersection of moving image and sound. Together they produce experimental video works, live performances and installations. For this year’s BEAMS festival they will be presenting a new installation,....

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  • Sarah Eddowes


      Sarah Eddowes has studied fine art and animation at the COFA, UTS and is currently completing a Masters in Fine Arts by research in painting at the National Art School. The versatility of wax as....

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  • Stephanie Shehata

    newTransformium-HIGH-RES Stephanie Shehata + Rosa Arcaya are lighting designers at Electrolight with an interest in interactive pieces that play on an understanding of human behaviour and curiosity in order to create inspiring pieces. 'Transformium' is a collection of individual light beams positioned....

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  • Sydney's Smallest Gallery


    Created by Natalie Cheney, Stephen Clement & Michelle Dunas, Sydney's Smallest Gallery is an immersive infinitesimal gallery fitting only one viewer at a time. Small. Idiosyncratic. Unpredictable. Sydney’s Smallest Gallery celebrates the most intricate....

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  • Szymon Dorabialski

    NEWszymonBozeDrogi My practice and research experiment with the possibilities of a language of self, working with worldly structures of 'truths' within various human language systems (i.e. science, religion, literature, semiotics) and reconfiguring them through transcendental processes to navigate the relationship between the....

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  • The Japan Foundation

    changed The Japan Foundation, Sydney is the Australian arm of The Japan Foundation, which was established by the Japanese government to promote cultural and intellectual exchange between Japan and other nations. It runs a diverse range of programs and events, including exhibitions,....

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