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    • Elizabeth Gervay – Tree Veneration Society


      I have always been an artist but a career in art was not the way for a child born of post-war European parents. Whether teaching, curating art exhibitions, establishing an Arts Hotel – my world was a canvas. My canvases, whether an installation or a frame, were and are today about composition, colours and tones. My canvases reflect the joys and tribulations of life with the amazing spirituality of revival and resilience that is within us all – we may need to dig deep – but it is there. And always a joy to rediscover.

      I was sponsored to travel to Japan in 2011, part of a Master of Art degree with UNSW A&D. The course was titled “Art and Spirituality” and lead me to a temple dedicated to mothers and their life sustaining breasts. I became entranced by the concept of nurturing and nurturing the spirit. So the Bobbie Wrap, The Boobabrella and Titillating Phenomena were created. This year, you can visit the Boobie Trap – where you can take a close look at this amazing life giver.

      Note: Boobies are always found in pairs and with respect will be released back into it’s natural habitat, at close of this festival.