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    • Miho Watanabe- Tree Veneration Society


      Miho Watanabe has been working as a professional commercial/editorial photographer, which led her to create her artworks using photography and lighting. Creating artworks for Miho is creating “Awareness of Between-ness”, which is the doorway to the concealed realm. She explores the concept of  ‘between-ness’ in various ways and attempts to create the ‘invisible’ subject ‘visible’. As a member of Tree Veneration Society, Miho has been venerating trees using lighting.

      The PetBottle spirit is the project, which had started from the first Beams festival and project had been changing each year. And the series of PetBottle pets has been spirited away.

      The Tree Energy : Tree is taking the earth strength into its body and it shares with anyone who could be aware of it. This installation is my application to street trees.