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    • Szymon Dorabialski


      Vlads Escape

      The character of Vlad seeks transcendence into realms of the divine through alter states of consciousness, calling on the higher realms by way of ritual, dance and chant. Objects and aesthetics of daily existence are reworked as symbolic relics to be sacrificed in the name of Vlad, as human construct. Vlad physically weighs down the flesh with heavy attire in an attempt to spiritually “jump out” of his culturally stained understanding of the universe.

      Projected light refraction is used as a symbol of the limited scope of the basic five senses of our bodies as machines to understand the frequencies surrounding us. Splitting the fibres of what we most commonly rely on to confirm ‘reality’- light.

      Vlad knows damn well he cannot escape being Vlad, but by god he will try.