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    • Tree Veneration Society

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      “The aim of the Tree Veneration Society is to honour all cultures in our multi-cultural society, at the same time as drawing attention to the importance of the natural environment”. Louise Fowler-Smith

      The Tree Veneration Society is a non for profit collaborative artist group first formed in 2010 by artist and UNSW lecturer Louise Fowler-Smith to encourage a focus on the importance of the Tree in our spiritually and environmentally challenged world.

      Louise has been researching the Sacred Tree for the past decade and has found that the practice of venerating the Tree through decoration protects the Tree in countries such as India. Her research has led her to question whether it is possible for the artist to inspire a re-envisioning of the environment through the aesthetic; and whether spirituality can be transferred through artistic vision without transplanting any specific religious ideology.

      “How we perceive and contemplate the land affects how we treat the land. If we see the land as separate from ourselves we are less likely to respect it.” – Louise Fowler-Smith

      The Tree Veneration Society will explore TREE MEND US through activity pods that awaken the senses by SEE IT, FEEL & TOUCH IT, HEAR IT AND SMELL IT, alerting viewers and participants to the gifts of a tree and our life giving environment


      Activity Pod      SEE IT

      Lead by Paula Broom (macro photography with a smartphone)
      Macro lenses enable us to see very small things much larger than they actually are. Use one of our “Olloclip” macro lenses with your smartphone camera  to look closely at the trees & photograph the details in their bark & seeds, the veins on their leaves & maybe organisms that live on them.  There is an almost microscopic ecosystem on each tree that is easier to see & photograph using an Olloclip. (Conditions apply)


      Activity Pod     SMELL IT 
      Lead by Elizabeth Gervay
      A sniffing table where attendees can enjoy the gifts of  trees by crushing  leaves in their own hands and enjoying their perfume and healing powers.


      Activity Pod      HEAR IT
      Lead by Guillermo Batiz and Tamryn Bennett

       “Plant Symphony” 2016


      The ‘Plant Symphony’ is composed, like most traditional symphonies, in four movements: Terra Sonata, Sol Adagio, Luna Minuet and Terra Sonata II. This composition also features bio-emission frequencies of plants and trees, as well as infrared and ultraviolet vibrations of the sun and moon. The seemingly random rhythms reflect the experiences of trees as their frequencies are influenced by clouds, radiation and seasonal patterns.
      Find a place to be still, close your eyes if you feel like, smell, touch, listen and connect with the trees.