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    • UTS Faculty of Design & Light


      Emma Anastasio
      Small fairy lights will illuminate this installation. One to two small holes will be cut on the lids of mason jars so that the fairy light bulbs can be threaded through. Then the lid would twist back onto the jar. The small jars are already coloured in pink and blue, creating a more vibrant effect. These lights will hang loosely around the tree branches towards the boundary end of where the Beams festival will be situated. These lights will hang loosely around the tree branches. One tree branch will have the installation hung in the form of a love heart to symbolise the loved ones that have past and there spirits rising to the heavens.

      Melody Brunton
      Through the interplay of light and the human form my piece searches to address the dual nature in which light has contributed to modern human existence. It questions the exploitation of light in our metropolitan context and the repercussions it has had upon our natural circadian rhythms. The disruption birthing a constantly switched on society riddled with sleeping problems and the repercussive illness tandem to our 24 hours society. It brings into question what are the forces that govern our modern life- does it remain in man’s grasp or has light come to rule it’s ruler?

      Chantelle Coutinho
      Inspired by Tourou Nagashi in Asakusa, ‘Water Spirit’ takes on the form of a lotus embodying the meaning of death and rebirth. Illuminated from within, the warmth of the light represents the flames that are ignited as a remembrance of those who have recently passed, freeing their spirit so that they are able to move on to the next life.

      Brenna Dowling
      Through the use of sculptures, light and sound the spirit of the river will come alive for one special night only. It will once again be filled with water and an array of sea creatures swimming through the ripples. Visitors will be able to walk along side the river, admire the creatures from the bridge or dare to jump in and play in the gentle stream of water with creatures nibbling at their toes.

      Ropafadzo Hilary Foya
      The work represents the body while the visitor acts as the spirit inhabiting the body. It highlights the separation between the everlasting spirit and the temporal body. Our work was inspired by the viral butterfly and flower Snap Chat beauty filters that enhance our appearances. It was brought to life and further expanded into a set of wearable light installations creating a magical experience.

      Jovina Hans


      Candice Hodik
      Candice is currently in her second year studying interior and spatial design at UTS. The art installation she has designed incudes a series of ghostly figures of multiple colours consisting of chicken wire integrated with lights with a white fabric draped over the top. These ghostly figures were thought of to fit in with the spirits theme of the festival and its aim is to draw the crowd into Queen street.

      Chloe Lamberton
      The beautiful lotus flower is a symbol of patience, eloquence and compassion within many cultures around the world. The spirit of these cultures emerges from the flower as it opens. Lights begin to “float” out of the lotus flower which is also reflected by mirrors. With interaction encouraged, the individual looking at the floating lights can also see their own reflection within the mirrors and therefore seeing their own spirit floating up out of the flower.

      Didier Lau
      Inflated with helium and implanted with LEDS, 24 white balloons form a matrix of luminous spheres floating above the ground. An eerie atmosphere is created as these balloons mirror the specks of white light that appear unexpectedly in photographs. The installation constantly changes as the wind blows the balloons, similar to spirits that constantly shift. The work attempts to remind us of the spirit that continues to glimmer in the dark residing among us. The connection between the supernatural and living world can be created through the use of photography, encouraging visitors to capture the co-existence between the two worlds.

      Nadia Sze Hin Lee
      Food has always been a big part of life, now more than ever with varies social media outlets often dedicated to food. Eating well is now considered by many — “living to the fullest”. We hope to express this spirit by making a series of table decoration using a food grater to express the relationship between preparing, making and serving food.

      Anna Nguyen
      These vintage votive only required a few tweaks to the mason jars. Different sizes of empty jars covered with various materials such as lace trims and garden twine. With its simplicity algorithm, candle lit illuminates these little luminaries. These can also be used miscellaneously like making aisle runners, whether they are placed on the ground, hung from the side of chairs, placed on a dining table or dangled from a decorative iron rod, not just for the apocalypse.

      Carol Tong


      Mengjia Mona Li
      This work is about the childhood memory–an important part of the spirit, it is composed  of such simple elements: glass table, wall, LED lamp, water and paper cuts. Audience  could  interact with the installation by reshaping the water and paper cuts. You might ever played the shadow games or counted stars in your childhood memories, that’s where my inspiration come from. Sincerely, I hope my work can call up your  happy memories and resonate in your heart.

      Shirley Zheng
      I am going to make a horizontal cobweb hanging in each trees in order to fill the circle space which around by trees. I will use white nylon rope to make the web and stick some fragment of mirror to make it looks bling. Strong colored lights illuminate from different direction from the trees.

      Melita Lumanto
      Humanity has always been drawn from the darkness to the Light. Ideas didn’t come to our ancestors as they were chasing their prey across the tundra: only later, as they gathered round the Campfire, clustered around the light, did they begin to creatively tell stories, sing songs, make music. The optical illusion floating fire pit installation intended to capture the spirit of both people and place burn brightly together in a fun way, letting the audience to creatively interact with it.

      Gemma Montanaro
      The purpose of this installation is to raise awareness of the indirect effects of pollution on the world’s ecosystems. Jellyfish are majestic creatures, portrayed as luminescent and spirtual-like as they gently drift through the oceans. Jellyfish are attracted to warmer and more polluted water which they alone tolerate. This allows them to scavenge and feed on large numbers of dead fish without threat from predators. The resulting massive spike in their population into the trillions has unbalanced the marine ecosystem. More people die from jellyfish than shark attacks each year and with jellyfish numbers rising this toll is also expected to rise exponentially. These jellyfish have been constructed out of those same waste materials, constructing how their majesty and luminosity is fed from the secondary effects of pollution. Please think carefully about the packaging associated with your purchases and ensure its proper disposal.

      Yi Dan Zhang
      Everyone has a different dream of their mind, it links each piece of memory which we had been throw. Meanwhile, it will lead us looking forward future. Build the bridge of dream, life will be more colourful. Course of we had some experienced of the world, we will be more follow our dreams. Each exhibit shining lamp represents experienced by every little thing, through the glass mapping in the water, some dream to be implemented, others were flowed away. Some happened or unhappened dream were allover of bridge. Better life can not live without dream.

      Xiaolei Tan
      My design inspiration is from wedding dress. I believe every girl has a rosy fream of wedding dress. The installation will use sparkling lighting to make a beautiful wedding clothes and it could be a very fascinating and amazing landscape. This design utilize the combination of lighting and gauze to demonstrate the principle of light diffuse. It is also going to show the romance and aestheticism style to visitors. There is another hot point can be found. You can “wear” the dress to achieve your dream and record the moment with a camera completely.

      Mark Woszczalski
      As you look through the window admiring this sunset, appreciate its spirit and uniqueness, as with any sunset, and remember that no two sunsets are alike – once the glow fades it can never return to appear the same way again. Each one is special. It changes by the minute. This sunset is also slowly fading. Soak it in while you can!

      Savannah Stimson

      ‘Conversation’ compartmentalizes the body to highlight human ways of expression through body language. The individual seated at the table sits opposite an illuminated pair of hands and forearms positioned in a conversational stance. The frame-like nature of the installation also allows the viewer to see their dining partner through the form to assess whether or not they mimic the pose, creating multiple layers of interpretation.