bars and outdoor dining

  • 80raw. 20paleo

    Image 2 80raw. 20paleo. Create raw, vegan and paleo delights that are gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free and soy free. All our range is made by hand, using locally sourced, wholesome and nourishing ingredients. We cater for individuals with food....

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  • Agape Organic

    11143209_10152739945150916_4958051020551028864_n Agapé is Sydney's first organic Spelt Pizza Restaurant and Bar serving tapas, spelt pizza, mains and desserts. Proudly supporting Australian farmers using the best Bio-Dynamic, Certified Organic, Sustainable and Natural produce. Organic High Tea available on request. Bookings essential.

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  • Alex Lee Kitchen

    Alex Lee Kitchen

    Serving up an array of flavourful and authentic Singaporean dishes, acclaimed Singaporean chef Alex Lee offers his unique flavour to the Asian street food experience.

    One of Sydney’s most reputed Singaporean chefs, Alex Lee has spent his career simmering and steaming....

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  • Bang Luck Thai Street Food

    Bang Luck Thai Street Food

    Culinary young gun, Tiw Rakarin, fuses together Thai and Vietnamese street food in a menu directed by his distinctive contemporary style.

    Born and raised in Thailand, Tiw Rakarin spent his formative years surrounded by the wonderful tastes, colours and....

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  • Bar Chinois

    Bar Chinois

    Bar Chinois is the watering hole where East and West meet, Spice Alley and Kensington Street converge, and our friends come to dine. This is our very own French-Asian fusion bar with a ‘hippendale twist of hip and chic.


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  • Bistro Gavroche

    image-2 Bistrot Gavroche charms Kensington Street’s refurbished rum warehouse with the ambience, warmth and hospitality of a Parisian sojourn. Into this cavernous space of soaring ceilings and industrial windows comes a French bistro co-owned by best friends, Chef Frederic Colin (hailing from....

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  • Bite Size Delights

    15054_444229295640723_527378454_n Sydney Food Truck serving Traditional hand made Pastizzi, Beef Chilli Pita pockets & our New Chicken & Lamb Shawarma Grill....

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  • Dulcis Domus

    11034305_962457037106239_5619576021826160406_n Dulcis Domus means "Sweet home" in Latin. The Restaurant has very warm and nice environment which gives you the opportunity to enjoy food as comfortably as you do at home. Dulcis Domus is newly established restaurant, cafe and bar located....

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  • Eat Art Truck

    EAT Truck artwork side Winner of best new food truck award and top 10 cheap eats by Good Food, Eat Art Truck is founded by a former sous chef of Tetsuya, serving delicious American BBQ street food while one side of the truck is....

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  • Handpicked Wines

    Take a trip around the world, one wine at a time with Handpicked Wines. These winemakers have explored the world’s best vineyards and 'hand picked' grapes to cultivate wines with a supreme sense of place. Visit the Kensington St bar and allow these adventurous winemakers to take you on a....

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  • Hong Kong Diner

    Hong Kong Diner

    Without the throng of clockwork masses and burgeoning smog, Hong Kong Diner brings a taste of the Asian metropolis into Spice Alley’s hidden courtyard.

    This is hawker food: wontons, BBQ pork, handmade noodles that dance within the chef’s wok....

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  • Kayter Co

    Image 1 Kayter Con is Australia's first ever OTT Dessert Food Truck experience. Introducing a brand new, never been seen before OTT dessert each month, Cronut Sticks are on the menu for Beams. With the fried-ness, and creamy interior of a dough­nut....

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  • Kensington Street Social

    3 -          Milly Hill Lamb, crushed peas, minted broad beans, preserved lemon $18 -          Peanut butter & jelly sandwich $12....

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  • Kyo-to

    1m5a7844 “Kyoto is a beautiful, majestic city. There is an opulent beauty of court life hidden throughout its enchanting laneways with small intimate dining rooms…” – Dr Stanley Quek KYO-TO is a tribute to its namesake city; a land ruled by temples,....

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  • Mekong

    image-1 At Mekong, we drift down from Burma cloud country, trace the Lao border, wake up to Thai sunrises, pause by gilded Cambodian pagodas and wade through rice paddies in Vietnam. Each Asian fusion dish is an escapist’s wish. Each shareplate invites....

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  • Mr Black

    mrblack-in-wine LATE NIGHTS, GOOD TIMES.

    We’re Australian. We like coffee, we love a drink. So we made Mr Black. Both in a bottle. If you like coffee, drinking and having a good time, we’ll get along just fine.


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  • Old Jim Kee

    Old Jim Lee

    A selection of authentic Malaysian dishes including mouth-watering stir fry dishes and deep fried delights emerge from Old Jim Kee, newest brainchild of veteran chef Uncle Jim (Jim Yong).

    Born and bred in George Town, Malaysia, Chef Jim Yong....

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  • Olio


    At BEAMS I will feature 2 of my latest signature that represent my philosophy of cooking
    Tradition, Authenticity and simplicity of flavours and ingredients
    Minimum impact of cooking, (even using long hours cooking techniques)
    Every Recipes is inspired by my roots but....

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  • Oysters Unplugged

    12509778_1021191234604055_8134830527433908627_n Oysters Unplugged is a new concept in catering providing stand alone and mobile Oyster shuckers. Wherever your party is - a formal venue, at home, your offices, gallery, in a garden - Oysters Unplugged brings you fresh oysters, shucking them....

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  • Paxton Wine

    paxtonmv Established in 1979, Paxton is a family owned McLaren Vale wine company. Founder and owner, David Paxton is one of Australia’s most highly respected viticulturalists – a reputation built on managing and growing wine grapes of exceptional quality for over 30 years. The Paxton family....

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  • Ribs & Burgers

    image-3 They say if you want to be great at something you've got to focus on your strengths. Well, here at Ribs & Burgers our name says it all. Our fresh, hot, succulent burgers and eight hour slow cooked ribs are known....

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  • TropiCane Juice

    Our stall at Bankstown festival Our sugarcane juice is freshly made from crushed peeled cane using a sugarcane machine. Our sugarcanes are 100% Australian produce. What make us different is our sugarcane juice menu. As we are offering customer different experience by enjoying sugarcane juice....

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  • Tsuru

    Tsuru Assorted buns Tsuru's Asian street fares start with its signature bun - soft pillowy steamed bun that sandwiches a variety of fillings including the hot and feisty BBQ pork belly, BBQ chicken teriyaki and tofu teriyaki and shiitake. Also on offer are rice dishes....

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  • Veggie Patch Van

    Naan After 9 months or so in Byron Bay, The Veggie Patch Van will making its return for the Sydney Spring at this years BEAMS festival.  For the first time ever, we will be featuring food on our menu that is straight....

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  • Wayward Brewing


    Wayward is the ethos of travellers. It's a desire to see what's around the corner, to take the road less travelled and to embrace whatever you find. It's that romantic idea of the travel of old, when every departure was....

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