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    • Bar Chinois

      Bar Chinois

      Bar Chinois is the watering hole where East and West meet, Spice Alley and Kensington Street converge, and our friends come to dine. This is our very own French-Asian fusion bar with a ‘hippendale twist of hip and chic.

      A week in the life of Bar Chinois jump starts with Croque Monsieur & Madame Mondays, settles in with Creperie Tuesdays, lands on Baguette & Beer Wednesdays, continues with Wine and Cheese Thursdays, revels in Chin Chin Fridays, relaxes with Cafe Noir Saturdays and finishes up with Lazy Mary Sundays (all available from 4pm). From Monday to Sunday, Bar Chinois morphs café and bar into the European Chinois experience, where champagne flows from midday, patrons sip on café noir at soir, and every hour is happy hour.

      The menu infuses iconic French dishes with subtle Asian flavours: the signature Sticky Pork Belly Baguette, Croque Monsieur with smoked ham, Tokyo crepes with enoki and shiitake mushroom… Choose from an extensive cocktails list, relax and take in the Bar Chinois interiors, soaked in a red wine palette. At Chinois, we sip on teapot cocktails like they’re going out of fashion.

      With a deck of cards on every table and some evening jazz – this could be the spirit of bohemian Montmartre, thrown against the backdrop of a Chinese folding screen.

      A round of espresso martinis please! We’ll be here all night.