Live Music

The 2016 BEAMS Arts Festival excites with an array of talented solo artists and bands keeping the streets alive with entertainment that is sure to get the crowd moving.

  • Astrix Little


    Astrix Little is spirit. Her brand of vibrant synth pop, combined with her magnetising stage presence and unique vocals makes for one hell of a show. Think Bikini Kill electricity combined with the enigmatic and technically....

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  • Botch House

    Image 2 Jīngshén [精神] is a four hour exhibition of Sydney Based electronic music artists. Curated by Botch House Resident and Founder Sherman Tang (Chronology Arts, Wagnerlicht, Vivid 2013-2015), 精神 (“Spirit”) juxtaposes the fluid nature of art forms like Music with the....

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  • Clypso



      Clypso is a troptronica artist producing alternative tunes with electronic, trap and reggae vibes. A one-woman band that packs a punch, using synths, bass pedals and an electro drum kit, flanked by two afrobeat....

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  • Frieda's Boss


    The spirit of friendship and joy has a soundtrack – written and performed by Frieda’s Boss.  Frieda’s Boss is a multicultural band of reggae ambassadors translating the spirit of Jamaican music into exuberant, rhythmic celebrations of one-drop,....

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  • Gang of Brothers

    12347737_905082066254428_2221249528726489356_n A musical assault that crosses over genres, deeply funky and seriously phat. Their culturally diverse and influential style digs deeper and deeper in the pocket of groove and rock! Gang of Brothers have been born into music. Andro Martinez, Dauno Martinez, Fenix Martinez and....

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    GOLDHEISTlive GOLDHEIST is about transformation. It is not about what can be seen on the surface of things, but what lies within - the true spirit of the beast. It is about connecting with ones inner deity, and bringing to the surface....

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  • Jana Aveling and Kartik Kunasegaran


    Classical musicians at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music by day and a Jazz/Pop/R&B acoustic duo by night describe Jana and Kartik perfectly.


    A classical pianist at the Con, Kartik....

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  • Katcha Music


    As husband and wife, Cha & Kat finish each other’s sentences, eagerly compliment one another. Making music under the name Katcha, the musical two are magnetic — they vibe and flow through....

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  • King Colour


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  • Madame Wu & Elise Graham

    NEWSnappatronik_MadameWu&EliseGraham-3 We would love to play a live set as a part of the BEAMS festival. We are a music and not a visual arts act, but feel that we would fit in to this festival as our music covers many urban....

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  • Mestre Jeronimo


    Artiste Marina Da Silva, born and raised in Sydney, grew up within the Capoeira and Brazilian culture. She sings and plays guitar and percussion in a mixture of style. The artiste Mestre Jeronimo was born and....

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  • Peasant Moon


    Peasant Moon is singer-songwriter Harvey Russell with acoustic guitar and Jeff Tweedy-like vocals and long time collaborator Josie Rothwell bringing sweet, high harmonies, percussion and melodica. They create beautiful music, blending late-night folk and intimate, acoustic....

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  • Sarah Parkin

    image As a seasoned “veteran” of the music scene at the tender age of 18, Sarah Parkin has impressed audiences with her unique and broad catalogue of tracks. With a knack for knowing what audiences wish to hear, Parkin appeals to them....

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  • The Runaway Houses


    The Runaway Houses have been exploring a mixture of chill, rock, pop and dance over the last three years. With their debut EP, Automatic Romantic being released in 2015, a....

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