dance & performance

  • Academy of Music and Performing Arts

    The Academy of Music And Performing Arts (AMPA) is one of Australia's leading tertiary providers of performing arts education. Educating and inspiring young artists for over 20 years, AMPA remains committed to providing the highest quality in undergraduate and postgraduate degrees focussing on the performing arts, including contemporary, jazz and classical....

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    danceskool_BEAMS2015 Dance & Music - The Spirit of the Human Body Lifting your spirits through music & dance. Let the music and the dancers take you on a journey of the human body. Let the unique beats and the sounds of the....

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  • Danny Gardener


    BEAMS PERFORMANCE STATEMENT – Live Poets at Don Bank. Since 1990 Live Poets at Don Bank has been providing local poets and musicians with opportunities to publish and perform their work in public. For BEAMS, 2016,....

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  • Elia Bosshard


    Long Walk Diva captures the celebrity of the original opera prima donnas in a contemporary pop setting. In close proximity, the audience is arrested by the immediate drama of the diva—her careful staging, her elaborate costume—but....

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  • Jaiden Lilleth

    Shibari is the art of Japanese Rope bondage - it is a way of connecting intimately with another person through rope and physical contact that reaches beyond words, as well as a beautiful artform which combines elements of performance, power exchange, visual art and calligraphy.  Rigger Jaiden Lillith is a....

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  • James Anderson

    JamesAnderson_2016_4mx2m I'm a graphic designer, with a love for aerosols. I'm an enthusiast for colour, and love experimenting with various colour palettes, the brighter the better. I've been painting Graffiti and murals for 6 years, and mainly use aerosols for....

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  • The Sydney Flamenco Studio

    newTSFS-Chachy-2-Chachy Peñalver is a Flamenco dancer with 16 years professional experience, performing as a solo artist with international companies such as ‘Siudy Garrido Flamenco Theatre’ and ‘Venezuela Viva’. Today, based in Sydney, Chachy has founded The Sydney....

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  • UTS Fashion X Julian Roberts


    Julian Roberts comes together with a group of UTS Fashion and Textile Design students. Sharing with them his Subtraction Cutting techniques, each student will create their own unique garment. Individual garments each communicate the spirit of....

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