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    • UTS Fashion X Julian Roberts


      Julian Roberts comes together with a group of UTS Fashion and Textile Design students. Sharing with them his Subtraction Cutting techniques, each student will create their own unique garment. Individual garments each communicate the spirit of Subtraction Cutting, a fashion design technique Roberts shares around the world. This unique meeting will result in 30-40 garments made during the day, which will be paraded by the students on the street at night, starting at UTS and walking through Chippendale.


      • Allana McAfee
      • Dina Mohamed
      • Eliska Marczan
      • Eloise Elton
      • Frances Clifton
      • Juliette Williams
      • Nethmi Ratnayake
      • Niamh Galea
      • Olivia Caprarelli
      • Paris Flanagan
      • Peta Tornaros
      • Sally Jackson
      • Sophia Chrysanthos
      • Tegan Kearney
      • Tess Frost
      • Yanny Yu