video & interactive

  • #storybombing


    Emily Twomey is an emerging Sydney artist who has a BFA from UNSW Art & Design. Drawing from her background in illustration, Twomey creates short animated films that are whimsical and surreal. Through working in collaboration....

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  • Academy of Information Technology

    NEWMockup Vital Spark is a collaborative work by the AIT teachers. We are animators, artists, game designers, software developers, filmmakers and origami makers working together to explore new techniques and ideas within the emerging world of interactive visual art. We will work....

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  • Ash Coates


    Mycolinguistics is an exploration into landscape painting, current movements in science, mysticism and ecology in relation to fungi, the language of plants and our instinctual connection to our environment. Drawing from images of both real and....

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  • Bel Campbell and Joe Radford


    Joe and Bel combine their passions in electronic engineering and graphic design/steelworks to explore social and environmental issues, resulting in interactive artistic multimedia installations that promote conversation and reflection. “Many Hands Make Light” is an interactive....

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  • Bethany Smith - TuneArt and Phondupe

    cuba1 Tune Art and Phondupe, The Beat, Video Art Performance, 4-6minutes Visual artist Bethany Smith is the founder of Tune Art events, where artists paint visual representations of music in venues in London, the Netherlands, Copenhagen and Sydney. Her collective....

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  • Caitlin Fargher


    Caitlin Fargher is a multi-disciplinary filmmaker and artist studying at UNSW Art & Design. Her work has a primary interest on the Australian environment. She focuses on the space between the man-made and the organic, incorporating....

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  • Dominique Hage, Hepa Taahi


    A system of temporally glowing tubes will illuminate the Chippendale laneway in pulsing light. Running on the strength of the local community to pump new energy through the veins, this piece is a tribute....

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  • Eunjoo Jang


    I have undertaken a series of walks in Chippendale over several months. As a mode of further understanding my physical body within the streetscape I re-visited my walking routes through Google maps. The new perspectives afforded through using....

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  • Fergal Hanley


    Visual Sound Amplifier is created by Fergal Hanley, a programmer and artist based in Darlinghurst, Sydney. He’s the founder of Digital Light and Sound and creator of Vizamp, an online music visualisation platform.

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  • Hugh Kennedy & Emila Yang


    Interactive designer, Emila & creative technologist, Hugh, have teamed up to create their latest work, Ectoplasmid. Ectoplasmid is an unified amorphous substance spins and pulsates with a collective spiritual consciousness. Passersby can shape the....

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  • Imogen McCluskey


    Imogen McCluskey is a writer and filmmaker living in Sydney. Her work has appeared in Overland, Anywhere Theatre Festival, and The Ladies Network. ‘RETINA’ and is an experimental video piece created from archival footage. The subtitles....

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  • Keorattana Luangrathrajasombat


    Keorattana Luangrathrajasombat is a graphic designer and visual artist based in Sydney. His interests include creating experiences that combine art, design and technology. Singularity follows the journey of two explorers as they....

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  • Kimberley Bianca


    Kimberley Bianca is Artistic Director of Electrofringe and a postgraduate candidate at UNSW Art and Design.Her practice involves audiovisual performance, curating, poetry, and interaction design to explore creativity in telecommunicating with each other and....

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  • Lightwell


    Lightwell create digital media for public spaces. A studio of artists, designers and programmers based in Chippendale, they use new technologies to interpret the physical world. Expanding on their most recent work Dyeing Breath exhibited at....

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  • Michail Mathioudakis & William Tran

    Nature Boy Michail Mathioudakis and William Tran are Sydney-based filmmakers currently studying at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School. Nature Boy is a series of clips from their latest short film of the same title. The original film, written by William,....

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  • Nicolas Nalbandian


    Nicolas Nalbandian is an emerging filmmaker and video artist based in Sydney. His work explores ideas of Australian identity and contemporaneity through aesthetic experiments. CTRL+SHIFT documents the experience of cultural identification and alienation in....

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  • Sai & Delia


    An advertising creative duo who don’t limit their creations within the walls of the ad world – we are Sai and Delia. We want to use mindfulness as a way of not only improving our own....

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  • Sarah Carter Jenkins

    NEWscj-monomyth-still-4 Sarah Carter-Jenkins has worked as an illustrator for over twenty-five years, and has taught illustration and design at UNSW, the National Art School and the Whitehouse Institute of Design. During her Master of Design studies Sarah....

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  • Sarah Emery

    SarahEmery_AlusineFim_HighRes001 Sarah Emery is a filmmaker who works in partnership with communities. In 2013, she was the recipient of the Australia Council's Kirk Robson Award for her leadership in community arts. Sarah's work blends biography and fiction. Her film 'Alusine' was....

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  • Shavaurn Hanson

    HenriettaStsmal Shavaurn Hanson is a multidisciplinary artist, originally from Fremantle, Western Australia. She works within the context of formalism, intersecting this aesthetic with a dynamic playfulness. This animation is an exploration into post painterly abstraction and is an....

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  • SYNC Collective

    Lightbox: Aura and the equinox is an experimental light/sound and vision work incorporating performance, video, music and sound to create an artistic feast in an attempt to conjure the zeitgeist.....

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  • Victoria McCall

    NEWvictoria_25 Through the exploration of Mikhail Bakhtin’s dramatic theory of carnivalesque and its key theme of ‘false identities’, it is possible to understand the significance of a spiritual second body and its ability to express freedom and a sense of escapism. When....

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