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    • Bethany Smith – TuneArt and Phondupe


      Tune Art and Phondupe, The Beat, Video Art Performance, 4-6minutes

      Visual artist Bethany Smith is the founder of Tune Art events, where artists paint visual representations of music in venues in London, the Netherlands, Copenhagen and Sydney. Her collective is in collaboration with electronic music producer Lincoln Driscoll from Perfect Hair Records, who works as a composer for digital media and film, as well as a multitude of dance, theatre and multi-media projects.

      Their practice involves transforming public spaces into interactive and visual representations of music, using live drumming/performance, sampling and projections, which highlight particular movements and sounds.

      Their concept uncovers the indigenous ties to Cuban Rhumba music, where the drum represents the ‘spirit’ of the land; it’s heartbeat. Their interactive installation aims to re-align our bodies rhythmically to the pulse of the drum.

      As this instrument is prevalent amongst all cultures, it therefore connects all our spirits; despite our differences we are the same when called by the drum.