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    • Victoria McCall


      Through the exploration of Mikhail Bakhtin’s dramatic theory of carnivalesque and its key theme of ‘false identities’, it is possible to understand the significance of a spiritual second body and its ability to express freedom and a sense of escapism. When one’s true form is hidden, a profound transformation process can be realised, as an altering outward appearance manipulates the internal self, thus creating a release from social and personal realities and provides a pathway for self discovery and freedom, without the restrictions of rules and conducts. Often this transformation process requires the breaking of rules, as the theory of Carnivalesque highlights that the recognition of rules must be initially identified and then purposely broken to be able to truly escape and become a spirit of Carnival, thus the process can also be an enlightening, personal experience. This highly emotive experience can create feelings of vulnerability, escapism and a recognition of a different self… a spirit.